Old Farm Winery is a relatively new Winery, but has already grown to be quite a family affair. Old Farm Winery was established in 2006 when Steve Strupp made the decision to buy a lot of vines and plant them in the field next to his house on the farm.  The winery has taken on a life of its own since that time and continues to grow stronger by the day.  The Old Farm Winery Niagara vineyard was planted a couple years later and is producing delicious sweet grapes as it should.

Our family has farmed the land in the hills of Jefferson County, Missouri for more than a century.  Today, as they did then, we pour our hearts and labor into what we do.  Our roots run deep on this farm and we’re proud to present the fine wines we have crafted.  Come and taste our wines, enjoy the tranquil countryside, and maybe catch some live music at our estate.  Guaranteed to relax and ease the mind!

Our People

Old Farm Winery is owned and operated by Steve and Darlene Strupp of Catawissa, Mo.  Their children Will, Nick, and Carrie have been heavily involved in the family endeavor as well.

There are many family members and friends that assist in the vine growing and wine making process as well.

Our Vineyards

Old Farm winery operates vineyards in Catawissa, MO in the Ozark Appellation. Planted in 2006, our main focus is our Chambourcin vineyard where we grow and harvest all of the grapes that go into every bottle of Old Farm Winery Chambourcin we produce.

Our Niagara vineyard is well established with plans of expanding in the near future.

Several varietals are currently being considered for additions to our existing vineyard in the years to come.